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Its is healthy to live and we will learn how to live healthy!

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Klaipeda- Healthy City

  • Clean, safe, high-quality environment.
  • A current stable ecosystem and harmonious future.
  • A strong, cherishing mutual assistance community.
  • Townspeople actively involved when judging  and solving issues of life, health and welfare.
  • All residents of the city are provided with food, water, shelter as well as they are assured with security, work and income.
  • Extensive experience and resources of a variety of high-contact, cooperation and interaction possibilities.
  • Miscellaneous, lively, innovative urban economy.
  • The flexible connection with the city's population cultural and biological heritage of the past.
  • The procedures in line with the above mentioned characteristics.
  • The optimal public health and universal access to the health care.
  • The health promotion of the population and reduction of morbidity

    The main priorities of the European Healthy Cities Network:  

The identification and selection of the key priorities, allows to focus on the health issues of European cities, which are relevant for the entire Europe. Special attention is given to the innovative and efficient public health measures. Healthy Cities encourages and supports experimental work with the new ideas, creating new concepts in various organizational contexts.

     1. Favorable and supportive living environment

  • Healthy City – it is a city of equal opportunities, where all citizens are supported and have a chance to satisfy their needs.  

     2. Healthy lifestyle

  • Healthy City guarantees the appropriate conditions for a healthy lifestyle for all age and social groups.

     3. Environment and health-friendly urban design

  • Healthy City provides the natural and anthropogenic environment that encourages and supports health, recreation, welfare, safety, social interaction, mobility, the population‘s cultural identity and a sense of pride.
  • Zagreb declaration

     What are the benefits from the Healthy City Project?


  • Understanding the project‘s significance and its growth.
  • The growth of the project beyond the Health Office's activities.
  • The management and involvement of all the structures into the Healthy City priorities‘ installation and implementation.
  • The assurance of the adequate resources for permanent work and the development.