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Its is healthy to live and we will learn how to live healthy!

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Free Services

1. Broadcasting of the information about the health and its preservation in the Klaipeda’s municipality

Service: spreading information on health and its preservation.

Content: the dissemination of information on health and its preservation for different population groups (based on age, social status, risk groups, etc.).

Ingredients: Preparation and dissemination of information based on the target group.

Forms: the dissemination of materials through a variety of media (reports and articles in the local / national press, interview local / national radio and television), dissemination of information through social websites, publications and periodicals online, desks, videos and so on.

2. Consulting on the questions of health promotion and health risks control (consulting)

Service: consulting on the health promotion and health risk control to an individuals or a particular target groups, counseling provided for the people of all ages (children, adults, elderly), also, persons, who belong to specific risk groups. Consultations and the content of the consultations are provided differently taking into account different population groups.

Ingredients: Preparation of the information and consultation by the impact area / target groups.

Forms: consultations via telephone, e-mail or via direct contact with the specialist in the office premises.

3. The Formation of the Healthy Lifestyle Skills

Service: the formation of the healthy habits

Content: healthy habits development and execution, that are formed by the theoretical  and practical classes of the particular population groups. Taking into account the different population groups, respectively, the provided training is of different content and theoretical information. We work accordingly to the impact area.

Ingredients: Preparation and dissemination of information based on  the impact area / target groups.

Forms: theoretical / practical training, seminars, conferences, discussions, etc.

4. The Preparation and Implementation of the Public Health Projects

Service: Public Health project development and implementation.

Contents: the city's Office of Public Health in collaboration with the relevant authorities organize, coordinate, provide, implement health promotion projects.

Ingredients: Preparation of information, coordination, counseling, execution.

Forms: written and oral.

5. The Organization and Execution of the Public Health Monitoring

Service: the organization and implementation of the public health monitoring.

Contents: the Klaipeda’s Public Health Office activities are carried out by community health, school health monitoring (preventive health checks, school absenteeism due to illness) and conducts selective public health research.

Ingredients: data collection, storage, analysis and evaluation.

Forms: written / oral.

Paid services

Mandatory health training (currently not available)

Service: mandatory health training.

Content: health courses on hygiene skills, first aid, alcohol and drug harm.

Ingredients: Preparation, training, testing, evaluation.

Forms: the theoretical and practical training.