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Its is healthy to live and we will learn how to live healthy!

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Prevention of psychoactive substances



  • The month of May. A Whole Month against Smoking
  • May 31st World No Tobacco Day
  • September 9th International Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Remembrance Day
  • June 26th International Day against Drug Abuse and Drug Smuggling
  • Third Thursday in November International No Smoking Day


Addiction counceling services — a set of measures combining individual and / or group counseling, which aim to help people who use alcohol to reduce or eliminate its consumption, to reduce the harm caused by alcohol consumption to the individual and the society, including counseling of family members of alcohol users and finding the solutions to the problems they cause.

Addiction councelor — no younger than 18 years old individual, who has attended training for addiction counceling, based on the non-formal training program that is approved by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania or other equivalent training, the equivalence of which has been verified based on the required procedures by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania and has a document verifying it.

Counseling services are provided for individuals over 14 years old. Consultations are anonymous and free of charge.

We consult Klaipėda residents and Neringa municipality residents.

Addiction Counceling Point is open at Klaipėda City Public Health Bureau (Taikos pr. 76, Klaipėda, 22 office).

Registration and cancellation of the consultation 24 hours prior the consultation:

    8 659 21664

     I - from 4 pm until 8 pm
     III - from 2 pm until 5 pm
     IV - from 6 pm until 8 pm
     VI - from 11 am until 3 pm

During quarantine period consultations are only provided remotely.

It is financed from the state budget by a special targeted grant to municipal budgets for the performance of state public health care functions. 


 Alcoholics Anonymous in Klaipeda: 

     8 606 51080 
I,III,IV, VII 7 pm


Klaipeda Addiction Center:

    8 464 15025
      I-V from 8 am until 3:30 pm                                                                     

“Open Window” a 12 step program for people living with alcoholic or other dysfunctional families.

     8 601 73889 
VII 6 pm